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Catching Big French River Carp

Why aren't more anglers going to France fishing the rivers, both the big river systems and the smaller streams?? It seems a little strange to someone like myself, who has spent an awful lot of time fishing extensively throughout France, that these areas are often ignored. I still firmly believe that the full potential of

Kitting For Distance

Occasionally we encounter situations where it is an advantage to be able to fish at distance. There are numerous reasons why this may be so - we might, for example, want to cast to the margins of a distant island, or to a far bank no-fishing sanctuary area, or to middle-of-the-lake holding spots (a common

If The Carpet Fits…

Observations From A Fishing Widow

Short Session Bait Application/Baiting Strategies in Europe

I’ve been asked many times in the past, and talking to lots of anglers whilst fishing abroad, that many are uncertain what to do to with respect to bait application and baiting strategy to the achieve best results whilst fishing a short session on the continent. It is certainly an area that is a continually

The Forever Carp

"Do you think we’ll do it, Dad?" "We’ll do it, Son. The lake’s turned right on. Can’t you feel it?" "Dunno, really. I’m nervous, though. I hope I don’t mess it up. If I get a run, I mean." "You’ll be all right, mate. You know what to do and you’re miles better than I