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From The Privvy – Chapter Eleven

The Instant Superstar's Guide To Success 1. Find Your Water Do not waste any time fishing waters that you know are difficult. Find a water that is known to produce twenties with regularity plus the odd thirty and spend some time watching the water. Do not waste time trying to find the fish, climb a

Rules Rule, OK!

Some years ago, when I lived just outside Reading, I spent quite a lot of my fishing time on Burghfield Pits. One late afternoon, as I was tackling-up for an evening session, the club bailiff asked to see my permit - which I showed to him. "I hope you don't intend staying the night," he

The Syndicate (A Preview)

I guess in the beginning we were much like any of the hundreds of carp fishing syndicates up and down the country. Just a small group of enthusiastic individuals who had achieved the ambition to run and own a small lake for the benefit of like minded fishermen. Our own little angling Mecca, to do,

Carp From Big Waters

How do I catch carp from a big water which holds relatively few fish? The first job is to spend time getting to know the topography of the water, ideally via a boat (never, ever go in a boat without wearing a lifejacket) and an echo-sounder. The next best option is a boat and "prodding

A Beginners Guide to Starting Carp Fishing

A Lighthearted Look At Carp Life From The Other Side Of The Pond By Oatmeal Jack The first thing you must do to get started in carp fishing is to go out and buy a pickup truck, full size is best but a mini pickup will be ok too. The reason you need to buy