Carp Fishing Articles

From The Privvy – Chapter Ten

An Eventful Season The close season that followed was spent working hard and before I knew it June had arrived, I hadn't made up my mind where to fish but wasn't too worried as something would turn up. I had several options but just couldn't make my mind up. June the eleventh and I still

Carp Fishing In Winter

Carp fishing in winter can be somewhat of a daunting prospect and when Dick Walker wrote his Still Water Angling back in the fifties they were thought to be virtually uncatchable at that time. It was though, in the sixties when a few dedicated anglers started to fish for them, sometimes during arctic conditions, to

The Restocking Of The Etangs de la Croix Blanche

Acquiring the "Etangs de la Croix Blanche" I must admit, was a huge stroke of good fortune. I had been toying with the idea of my own waters for some time. I had had enough of the rat race Paris had become. But dreaming of such a project and turning it in to reality, however,

From The Privvy – Chapter Nine

Big Fish Fish that avoid capture are far more common than we imagine. I know of several fish in various lakes that don't get caught. Not all of them are large fish but, of course, some of them are. Some are never seen, some are seen occasionally and some swim round for all to see,

From The Privvy – Chapter Eight

Do It Yourself Surgery One of the other waters we fished while fishing Johns' lake was Griffins Lake near Canterbury. We started fishing it in November, which is not a good time to start on a water, but we don't always do sensible things, do we? On our fist session Clive and I went to