Solar Tackle team member Alain Servaes catch report


In Need Of Caffeine!

Dropping in on one of his target water to take advantage of some favourable weather conditions, Solar Tackle team member Alain Servaes enjoyed a hectic overnighter landing 7 carp to 33lb using Solar's The Originals Club Mix boilies. Sleep deprived, the following day at work was tough… but well worth it! Alain explains:

“With mixed conditions of sunshine, rain and southwesterly winds, it was high time to pay the old pit a visit for an overnighter. This is a venue I’ve been nipping back to for odd sessions almost since I started ‘seriously’ carp fishing. I love the place and there are still a few gems in there I have yet to catch.

“I arrived at the lake in the early evening and immediately saw fish showing. I couldn’t get the rods out fast enough as I knew I could be (hoped I would be!) in for a hectic session.

“Both rods were cast to the area where the fish were showing, both with a snowman presentation with a Club Mix bottom bait and Dairy Cream pop-up. A few handfuls of The Original Club Mix boilies were scattered over the area using a throwing stick and I set to getting the ‘house’ up for the night.

“By the time I’d got the brolly up the light was fading, and I’d already landed three small commons, in a little under 2 hours.

“After topping the swim up with more Club Mix it was time for bed, but no more than an hour later I was up, doing battle again. This one pulled harder and kited from right to left. After a good scrap though I slipped the net under a 33lb mirror, one that I first caught 17 years ago, and one that is a rare visitor to the bank.

“I was woken a couple of hours later by a screaming take, the culprit being a big grass carp. It fought really hard, even when it was finally in the net. With grass carp being notoriously feisty I unhooked it in the net and slipped it back without weighing or a picture. Before I’d got the rod back out the other rod tore off and it was a repeat performance with another big grass carp.

“With both rods back in position and more freebies scattered over the area I managed a couple of hours sleep before landing a 22lb common at first light. Shattered, but with 7 carp including two big grass carp and a 33lb mirror for my efforts, I packed up and headed off to work loaded with adrenaline… and in need of caffeine.

“What an overnighter!”

The Originals baits will be released from Solar Tackle at the end of August.