Stalking Carp With Slow Sinking Maggots

Few people would argue if you suggested to them that targeting specific fish by 'stalking' them is one of the most exciting ways of catching them.

Freelining is also a great way of really 'feeling' your fish. It's as close to hand-to-hand combat as an angler is ever likely to get with a fish!

In this clip, Nash Tackle's Alan Blair shows how to catch a big carp with just a rod, reel, line, hook and maggots.

You may think it's strange that somebody who represents a major tackle firm is suggesting such bare-bones fishing, but anyone who knows Alan will tell you that he is a truly passionate angler who wants others to get as much enjoyment from angling as he does.

I dare say he'd be over the moon if you caught a carp like this on Nash fishing tackle, but I also doubt he'd begrudge you that pleasure if you caught it on their biggest rival's gear!

Click the 'PLAY' symbol below to see Alan in action. If you're in a hurry, just watch the start and then fast forward to about 11:00 in the video...