December 2002 Answers

As I know you are sponsored by one of the big tackle dealer giants I thought you would be the person to ask, I have a champions choice 505 and I need some fourth and fifth sections and top 3 kits however the pole has been discontinued and I wondered if you knew of anywhere where I can pick up these rare bits. It would be a great help.

Carl Steffen

Hello Carl, Both the sections that you are looking for are in stock , also the top three kits. We still hold spares even when a pole is no longer in our current range. Try your local Browning dealer, or any of the mail order firms which sell our products. If you need any more information our Company E mail address is
Good Fishing

Bob Nudd.

Hello Bob,
A few years ago I purchased various sizes of tungsten olivettes endorsed by yourself. My local dealer closed down and I have not been able to source. Can you tell me if these are still available and where they can be purchased. I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Henegan

Hello Peter

No, they are no longer available, its a shame because they were very good. Drennan make one in Brass called an Inline Olivette, these are the ones that I use. Good Fishing.

Bob Nudd.

Hi Bob Nudd
Lately we have been catching a lot of ide in the margins and we want to know about how to get into the good carp instead of the ide? Plus can you tell me any tactics about catching better tench and getting in to the ghost carp?

Josh Hindle. (lancashire)

Hello Josh

Try using a larger hook bait such as large pellets or Boilies in fact anything that the Ide will ignore.
Good Fishing

Bob Nudd.