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Fishing Frozen Rivers

How to catch fish in the extreme cold

Thoughts On Braid

I am not very technically minded so what follows are opinions not scientific facts. I first encountered braided lines when a couple of friends started to use braided main lines for Pike fishing. Whilst I could see the advantage for very long range fishing, most of my Pike fishing is river or boat fishing and

Thoughts On Prebaiting

With the advent of more specialist anglers, big fish are increasingly coming under more pressure and hence wising up quicker. To keep in touch with them requires an understanding of the quarry and by assessing their reactions to baits and fishing techniques. A strategy can be formulated to catch them when it is not possible

Memories and Milestones

A Story Of Thirty Years A Fisherman In The South I was 10 years old when I had my first fishing outing. Uncle Laurie, the only member of my family that fished took me to the Greenford canal, underneath the Electricity pylons. The day finished badly, in the local hospital having a size 12 hook

Thanks B. V.

I was actually going to get some time to go fishing! Both daughters were planning to be out late, which means that they won't appear until about 1pm, and David was off to a concert. Brenda could have a long lie in and I could be up early, and sneaking quietly out of the door