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Competition Angling

Competitive angling seems to receive a fair amount of negative comment, as one acquaintance said ‘nothing but cheats and w*nkers, but competition anglers have revolutionised angling over the last decades. The serious competitive anglers in their search for an edge very often have devised techniques and tackle we now take for granted. The same competitors

Corrib On The Opening Day

Traditionally my trout season has always started in the middle of February, somewhere out West, originally I was taken over to Lough Conn, I drifted south, fishing Mask, and recently giving Corrib the benefit of my madness, for fly-fishing the Loughs in February’s chill does take a certain amount of something other than sane common

What About The Little Guy?

When out for a day on the Loughs, I am often surprised by the number of anglers that insist on fishing flies of size 8 or larger. These are usually bushy Bumbles, Dabblers, or winged wets, often heavily dressed. There are times when these flies work, other times they work very well, but if conditions

Catch More Trout, Don’t Flog the Water!

How many times have you spent the day at a small stillwater fishery enjoying good sport during the morning, only to struggle during the second half of the day? More often than not this is due to trout shying away from an increasing bombardment of flies and more importantly fly lines, but this need not

The GH Flick Buzzer

It was during a hatch of Chironomids that I noticed the action in this buzzer which was quite amazing considering that it was just sat there in the surface film, "Static, Flick, Pause, Flick, Flick, Static". I tie by standard 'Decent' flies, tongue in cheek, but one that comes to life, surely not!! Here is