Attaching Braid To The Spool

When using braided mainlines always attach the braid to the reel spool via a few feet of nylon first. The stretch in the nylon will grip the spool. If you tie direct to the spool the whole lot will slip when heavy pressure is applied. Budgie  

Pulling Out Of A Snag

When using a direct pull to try and pull out of a snag, always wrap the line around something as otherwise, especially with a heavy braid, you will bend your reel's rotor shaft. Budgie

Animal Rescue

Have the number of your local swan rescue centre or RSPCA office in your memory on your mobile phone.<br>That way, if you see an animal or bird in trouble help is only a phone call away (it helped me a short time ago) Richard  

Buy In Bulk

Club up with your mates if need be, but getting your pellet or hemp in 25kg bags is a lot cheaper. Prices can come down from £13 per kg to £3.20 per kg for pellet. Hemp can cost half as much again if bought in small quantities. Chris

Casting At Night

Use a luminous bead. Charged with a torch and it stays visible for 20 secs - long enough to judge your cast. (Beads are available from Enterprise Tackle - I have no connection!!). Chris