Ant’s biodegradable plastic baits.

In this guide I will show you how to make a fairly tough plastic gel bait that will leak flavourings fairly quickly but will dissolve in water if it happens to come off. You will need the following ingredients; 6g Glycerine 22g Gelatin (unflavoured from the supermarket) 114ml Hot Water 1g Powdered Food Colouring 2ml

Making stone fishing weights

You may have seen some of the previous videos we have shared by "The Handmade Fisherman" but we think this one in particular is brilliant.  Not only does Paul show you how to make weights that will fit in on any gravel lake bed but, these weights are also much better for the environment than

Making your own floats

There have been a couple of articles recently on handmade floats by professional traditional float makers but did you know that it is fairly easy to make your own?  You can find all the materials on eBay very easily such as the balsa wood dowels on eBay here --> This article has been written in

Mullet Fishing – Addictive but very, very frustrating!

As a confirmed coarse fisherman (37 years and counting) and for most of that time an avid match angler, fishing in salty water was worlds apart from anything I knew. I fancied trying something different and having a go for some new species and mullet seemed the obvious choice. I wouldn’t need to buy loads

Making your own method mix

Making your own homemade method mix can be a brilliant way of matching your feed to your bait. If you don't want to try making your own there are a lot of very good high quality ready mixed method mixes out there. It is a blessing and a curse that there are so many great