Filtered lake water for your tea or coffee?

How many of you carry huge bottles of water with you when you go fishing for tea, coffee or cooking?  Anthony has been fishing for nearly thirty years and plays around with bushcraft too, quite often ending up combining his two favourite hobbies. Now you may wonder what bushcraft has got to do with fishing,

Preparing Chickpeas

PREPARING CHICKPEAS Well the first thing you will need to do is put a layer of chickpea's into a saucepan as shown in the photo.  You want enough to put maybe two layers of peas on the bottom. Next you want to add your flavouring, colouring and any additives such as Corn Steep Liquor or

Spark USB Rechargable Lighter

As anglers we quite often find the need to use a lighter whether it is to light a cigarette, start a camp fire or blob the line on a rig.  Traditionally we have always used gas lighters and struggled with the flame in windy conditions. This USB rechargeable lighter from Spark is made from premium

Homemade bottle cap lures

HOME MADE BOTTLE CAP LURES Bottle cap lures are not a new concept they have been used in America and other countries for many years and have caught thousands of fish.  These are now starting to make an appearance in the UK and the basic one is extremely easy to make, in the UK there

Otter proof your fishery

Countryside Management Consultancy Services is expanding!! Through the industry at present there is a recurring theme that just seems to be threatening the livelihoods of many, whilst costing businesses vast sums of money throughout the country. The devastating picture for many unfenced fisheries is the loss of the biggest most precious species that your anglers