Kayak Fishing Articles

Gudgeon Fest!

Beccles, 6th March 2008 After such a slow day yesterday I figured that today – windier and warmer – might bring the fish back on the feed and I was especially hopeful for the pike. I had already got a load of groundbait mixed up from the last session and added some more breadcrumb and

Slow, But Good

Right, I’m back in business. My new motorised kayak trolley has arrived and has been fitted with my new Thule bars/locks/roller. I had no idea they did rollers until I was looking around for the best deal. I figured it was worth getting in the hope it was useful as frankly the Trident, rigged, is

The Start Of My Yakking Year

Three days into the new year and I finally managed to get out this morning. The whistling of the 30mph winds had kept me awake for much of the night and I wasn’t feeling at my physical peak (!) but as a husband I know better than to postpone an agreed yakking permission so after