Angling Technology On A Budget!

Inspired by this thread about DIY bait boats in our carp fishing forum, forum member Andy 1984 decided to make a cheap bait boat of his own.

The beauty of this is in the simplicity of it.

Andy used a Hariot radio controlled Stunt Machine, which is, basically, a toy amphibious vehicle with retractable wheels.

As you can see from the video below, a tub was tied to one set of wheels whilst in their retracted position, forming a makeshift hopper, and Andy was able to distribute his bait with accuracy by unfolding them when the boat was over his intended fishing area. He was using maggots, but could have used boilies for carp, too.

Testing it on a small water, Andy says he gets about 10 return trips on one battery charge. This can be doubled by attaching line to the boat and retrieving it manually!

The boat cost just £40.

I can’t see hardcore carp anglers rushing out to do the same, but those who would like to try out the whole bait boat idea on an occasional basis may just give it a go. Nice one, Andy!

You can see the discussion regarding this DIY bait boat idea by clicking here.



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