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A REVIEW OF THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS FOR PIKE CULLS Preface to article: ‘Pike & The Effects Of Culling' This article is the latest version of what started as a briefing paper back in the early 1980s. Updated several times, it is intended to provide a factual, dispassionate summary of aspects of the biology of pike

I Went To The Tackle Shop Today!

I went to the tackle shop today. It was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I go quite often. The story is quite simple but I realized something that has been staring me in the face for years and it probably happens to you all as well. My shopping list consisted of one item,

British & American Angling Compared

Many American and Australian anglers are becoming interested in British and European methods of fishing.  Hopefully this article will help explain the huge differences between the two styles.  There's no doubt that all of us, wherever we are, can learn a lot from reading about successful techniques in other parts of the world.  Fishing in

September 2000

Well, a lot has happened to me since my last update! I've been on holiday, been in hospital, had my A level results, got a job and found a lake with 5lb perch in it! But let's start at the beginning and hopefully things will be a bit clearer.... I started this manic month with

Angling Statistics

This article has now been updated. Please click here to see the new version. Economic Benefits of Angling In the document published in 1991 by the Sports Council (‘Angling - An Independent Review'), the annual spend by anglers in the UK was calculated at £1.2 billion (£1,200,000,000), excluding VAT (see page 9). I did this