I Went To The Tackle Shop Today!

I went to the tackle shop today. It was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I go quite often.

The story is quite simple but I realized something that has been staring me in the face for years and it probably happens to you all as well.

My shopping list consisted of one item, a new Fox battery for my Micron MX. As a visual aid for you all this is how my shopping list looked in my mind:

Fox battery - £3.99

However, when I walked out of the shop after purchasing my battery this is how my shopping list looked:

Fox battery £3.99
Shakespeare Big S £2.50
Shakespeare Midi S £2.50
Crazy bait groundbait Squid & Mussel x2 £5.90
Red Sprats £1.40
Sprats £1.40
Masterline Toothy Critters Headcases £4.99

Suddenly, that cheap Micron MX I once reviewed for Anglers' Net didn't look so cheap!

I can justify every purchase but that doesn't hide the fact that I once again spent half my wages before I'd got them!

I needed the battery. I ‘needed' some more Shakespeare lures. I "needed" the groundbait ‘just in case' I decided to go method feeder fishing for carp at the last minute. I "needed" the sprats ‘just in case' I wanted to go deadbaiting. And, I bought the soft headcases to encourage my brother to come fishing. He seems keen on piking and likes the idea of the soft plastic fish so I ‘thought' I'd treat my ‘tackle box' to a toothy critter!

This isn't an isolated incident. I always ‘need' every type, make and flavour of boilie. Every shape of ledger weight. Every style of float. Every hook. And a rod for all occasions (and pole!). If there isn't a piece of fishing tackle in my house or garage then I assure you I don't ‘need it'.

Next week, I need a packet of hooks. I'm sure you do, too?