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Want to make your own spinner lures?

Mud Hole a large custom rod and tackle crafting company in America offering everything from lure building kits to rod building kits and much more.  If you have ever fancied making your own spinners they do some fantastic lure making kits including this "French Blade Spinner Kit".  Anthony has previously written this guide but there

American style rigs perfect for LRF

When it comes to lure fishing the Americans have some pretty simple yet highly effective rigs that they use for their bass fishing.  A few of these rigs have been showing up on the UK scene over the last few years, a lot of them however are still not being used. Over the following paragraphs

Polish lure shop opens in Birmingham

UK Lures the first ever Birmingham Polish lure shop opens its doors for the first time tomorrow morning at 9am.  There is a huge selection lures, lure rods, reels and most things lure related from brands such as Relax Lures, Dragon, Savage Gear, Keitech, Lucky John, AFW and many more. The shop is located 5

Daiwa Germany team member with a stunning pike

Marcel Asbroek from Diawa Germany recently went on an unexpected trip with his friends from and good fishing buds Nils Gabsa

Through Wiring by Paul Adams

This video quickly covers the basics of through wiring a soft plastic shad for pike fishing. The advantage of the through wire is in the fight the lure slides away from the hook reducing the damage to bait and reduces the chance of the pike throwing the lure. Through wiring baits is a very old