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Big Carp Of The Volga Delta, Russia Russia's Volga River is the largest river system in Europe, draining over 1.3 million square kilometers of catchments area into the Caspian Sea. The brackish Caspian is Earth's largest landlocked water body, and its isolation from the world's oceans has enabled the preservation and growth of several unique

In Pursuit Of The Very Largest

Two weeks at Romania’s awesome , Lake Raduta. “The most incredible carp lake on the planet Chris.” Statements like that are enough to make me go anywhere, I just wish I’d got myself on the plane sooner. Of course, I am referring to the awesome Lake Raduta in Romania, where I was lucky enough to

Braid Versus The New Super Lines

What exactly is a ‘Super line’??? Well, this relatively new term refers to the new category of ultra low stretch, thin for their strength lines. These include lines made from Aramid – Kevlar/Technora, and the UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibres like Dyneema and Spectra. They include both the braided and fused varieties. Brands

Clear Off Back To France, Woodrow!!

This is not an article about fishing in France, this is the short tale of a memorable night in deepest Essex. I won’t mention the lake, let’s just say it’s 20 acres and has a well known little brother. Anyway, as I said, the lake is 20 acres and, at the time, had a head

French Mud Wrestling

I stood back from the car, shivering with a silly grin on my face, the car was absolutely smothered in mud, both inside and out. I was dressed only in shorts, a damp tee shirt and a pair of soggy trainers; my tackle was soaked wet through, caked in mud and in need of some