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Fred Fishes With… Martin Salter

Martin Salter is Member of Parliament for Reading West and the government's special advisor on Angling and Shooting. He is also a very keen and successful angler. I met him on the banks of the Thames to get an insight into the life of one of our sport's most important figures. Martin Salter… ……the Man

Spring 2002

Firstly I've got to apologise for neglecting all you net heads, it's been a while since I've let you know what I've been up to! Well university is going fine, I've passed my exams, so they won't be chucking me out! I've met a gorgeous girl (Hello Nadia!) and so all this means that I

August 2001

Sometimes it's difficult for me to write regularly when I'm not catching much, but I'm glad to say that the boot is now on the other foot and I'm having to write regularly just to keep up with the fish I'm catching! I'm in a real purple patch at the moment - definitely the best

July 2001

Well, a lot has happened since my last update, but for once it's been in a short space of time! Anyway, so the whole story makes sense I'll start at the beginning…. In April, or thereabouts, I got the urge to find a different water to fish for carp. I was becoming slightly disolusioned fishing

Catching Up

March 2001 To start my final update of the season I'll go back three or four weeks, prior to the capture of my "thirty" which you will already know about if you are a regular reader of my updates. At the beginning of the winter I set my sights on a big perch from the