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February 2001

Following a week of settled warm conditions, and with the rivers still raging through chocolate coloured, I made the slightly mad decision to go carping! I couldn't resist putting a rod out at my syndicate pit in Berkshire to see if the better weather had caused a carp or two to start moving. At 80

January 2001

I suspect that regular readers of this column will be familiar with my excuses for not catching any specimens by now, so this time I'm going to stick to the point: In November I had my car stolen by some low-life scum and, as a result, have been without a car for two months. Add

October 2000

Now I'm on the road to recovery following my knee operation, I've been able to do a bit more fishing and looking at some different waters with the aim of choosing only 2 or 3 venues to concentrate on this winter. I told you last month about the small lake with some huge perch in,

September 2000

Well, a lot has happened to me since my last update! I've been on holiday, been in hospital, had my A level results, got a job and found a lake with 5lb perch in it! But let's start at the beginning and hopefully things will be a bit clearer.... I started this manic month with

August 2000

A few days after the blank rudd trip I mentioned in my last update, I was back at the lake for another go. I tried out a few new ideas as far as rigs go, and these changes seemed to make a difference. Firstly, I reduced the lead size to quarter of an ounce and