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Pop-Up Rig for Carp

This is a pop-up rig made of Braid and a 'Depth Charge' weight, although a single shot would do the job. The positioning of the shot determines the height of the popped-up, buoyant, bait from the lake bed. Added by Julian Grattidge; A pop-up rig allows the angler to position a bait up off the

Running Rig for Carp

This simple run -rig allows the fish to run freely with the minimal of resistance. The rubber bead protects the mainline knot from the swivel. This set up is prone to tangles during a long distance cast. Added by Julian Grattidge; I’ve found the best use of this rig is when targeting shy feeding fish.

What is a 'Stringer'?

The term ‘Stringer’ comes from the use of PVA string. Freebies are threaded on to PVA string using a Stringer Needle to form a Stringer. The Stringer is then attached to the hook before being cast out. The PVA string will then melt leaving a nice tight grouping of freebies around your Hookbait. A Stringer

Leadcore Knots

Can you please tell me - how do you tie lead core to your fishing line without using a swivel - Is there a knot called the Carot Knot? There are various different knots you can use to attach your mainline to your Leadcore, and as you’ve already mentioned, using a swivel is not one

Bolt Rig for Carp

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