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How Will Wind Affect My Carp Fishing?

Hi, I hear loads of different things about the wind while carp fishing. So when I do go, I don't know whether to fish into the wind or not. I would be grateful if you could help me with this. Thanks, Ben Richardson Dr. Gaffer replies: When the wind blows the top layer of water

Do Larger Baits Mean Larger Carp?

I have only just started fishing, for about two months. Is it a general rule of Bigger hook plus hookbait equals bigger fish? many Thanks, Hong, Harlow, 18 I take it you mean, do bigger hookbaits with bigger hooks single out bigger fish, in which case I’d answer yes, but..... Yes, you do tend to

Night Fishing For Carp

Hello, My dad and I are thinking about night fishing for carp at our local lake. Could you please give us some tips about fishing at night: i.e. falling asleep, watching the rods, staying warm. Thanks a lot. Simon Amor There are two ways of night fishing, one would be to stay awake and to

Bolt Rig for Carp

Carp Fishing Rig Advice

How Do I Make A Hair Rig?

How to tie a hair rig for carp fishing