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What is a 'Safety Clip' and when would I need to use one?

Carp Fishing Rig Advice

How Do I Target Larger Carp?

I fish Hockley Angling Club and am having trouble locating the bigger fish that the water holds. There are carp up to around 26lbs, but I can only seem to catch fish of 2-7lbs. I’m not ungrateful for these fish, it’s just that I want to improve my pb. What methods (i.e. baiting/baiting arrangements) have

How Do I Make My Own Pop-ups From Bottom Baits?

The easiest way to make a bottom bait buoyant is to insert High Density Foam into the boilie. To do this a hole has to be generated through the centre of your chosen bottom bait by using a Boilie Punch. Before a hole is punched through the centre of the bottom bait make sure that

When Should I Use The Method?

Dear Gaffer, My name is Simon Amor. My dad and I are having some problems catching carp and other fish. We live in Wiltshire and we fish at Lake Shear Water on the Longleat Estate (32 acres, 8ft deep approx.), and we also fish on the River Avon. At Lake Shear Water we use method

What Is A Zig Rig?

Carp Fishing Rig Explained