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How Do 'Ball Type' Line Clips Work?

The ball type line clips clip straight on to the rod blank and allow the line to run through them, but at the same time the indicators can be fished quite tight or heavy and close to the rod blank. In my opinion, when fished with a light indicator, the sensitivity of the bite indication

What Is A Zig Rig?

Carp Fishing Rig Explained

Fishrite Mini Stiff-Rig Wallet

I'm a keen fan of Stiff-Rigs, more so with the Pop-up Stiff-Rig, which I use most of the time.  As those of you who use Stiff-Rigs will know, Stiff-Rigs have to be kept straight for them to work effectively.   Fishrite have two purpose made Stiff-Rig Wallets out on the market, which are neat, light, robust

Berkley – Power Naturals – Carp Bait

Well, this has got to be the first review that I’ve done for AnglersNet where I didn’t want to share the results with anyone! I had been looking for a hookbait for about two years that Carp would just love, yet would stand up to attentions of Crayfish. I’ve tried everything from painting and drilling

Short Sessions

Hit ‘n’ Run How long is a session? A session, in terms of length, means different things to different people, personally I’m not one to sit on the bank for days or even weeks on end. Nope, for me a session is somewhere between 12 to 16 hours, which is relatively short in comparison to