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The Complete Guide to Coarse Fisheries in The Irish Midlands

This 118 page book is the first in a series of five, the intention of which is to give detailed information on coarse fishing locations throughout the Irish Midlands. Firstly I should point out that it’s not like the majority of guides you see today, there’s no clinical layout, and the information contained within draws

Carp Life by Mike Willmott

As a seasoned specimen carp angler, I find that to ‘improve one's game’ not only do you have to spend as many hours on the bank as possible, whether fishing or not, but also keep on top of all new literature published with regard to the pursuit of our quarry. In recent years however, the

Fishrite All Dry Bivi Slippers

In my view, anything that allows you to get to your rods quickly can only be an advantage when it comes to putting more fish on the bank. It's always surprised me how much people will spend on bite alarms and indication systems to alert you to every tell tale nudge of the hook bait,

The Top Pool Diaries, Part Two, Home Sweet Home…

Martin and I had been counting the days until the 2002/3 Season began. Officially, the Top Pool opened on the 16th of June, but those who had completed two work parties beforehand were able to get on club waters two weeks before. As such, we spent a pleasurable couple of days working on the River

Fishrite Zip Sack Weigh Sling Combi (FR111)

Love them or hate them, sacks have become a popular tool for the specimen angler over recent years. The debate will go on about the sacking of fish but to my mind they do have their place - if used sensibly.  On many occasions I've seen someone land a carp, leave it in the landing