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The Top Pool Diaries, Part 1, The early years…

You know how it is; you’ve spent a few seasons on a water, had a few fish, and moved on. Well that was the story with the Top Pool, Mart and I did a couple of seasons on there a few years back, and bloody hard it was too - one of those places that

Fishrite Spod & Marker Case

Fishrite claim that this is the only purpose built spod and marker case on the market, whilst I can neither prove nor disprove this, what I can say is that it's a neat little piece of kit - simple, and effective.  I've lost count of the amount of marker floats I've been through over the

Fishrite Deluxe Carp Carryall (FR30)

Having purchased many bags of this size and style in the past for use whilst carp fishing, I was a little unsure how different this particular carryall, from the Fishrite stable, would be from others currently available on the market. On initial inspection, I had a fair idea what to look for. Regular use of

All At Sea In The Thames Estuary

Usually, corporate days out are organised to take place in civilised surroundings – a gentle game of golf, perhaps, ending up in the Club House for a few beers at the end of the day. Or, a cricket match, with a similar venue for the aftermath. Chris Harvey, however, decided that he had had enough