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Fishing in Las Vegas and San Francisco

Fishing Las Vegas Style! I can't resist fitting in a day or two of fishing into my annual holidays if I can help it but when this years destination was Las Vegas I thought I would be losing out. I didn't know much about the area but I did know that Las Vegas was in

The Troll Walk

Okay, so the title supplied by Anglers' Net writer Martin Salisbury isn't the greatest but the method certainly is. The method involves trolling a lure by walking along your chosen piece of canal, hence the name. When the weather is cooling is the ideal time to try the method as the bankside vegetation and marginal

Meatball Wizard

You were introduced to young Jan Detko, who had caught a couple of big carp, in my last article. He’s now becoming a young specimen hunter after successfully turning his hand to chub fishing. Jan recently visited the upper reaches of the River Aire with BBC Radio Lancashire fishing presenter Martin James and I. The

Jan's First (Second) Carp

Why the unusual title? Well we will come to that in a moment but let me first introduce you to Jan. Jan Detko, is a nine year old from Preston, Lancashire. He has been fishing for two years after seeing somebody catch some big carp in France whilst he was on holiday there. He decided

Catfishing Novice Goes To Spain

The idea of travelling to far off places for different fish and new fishing experiences has really captured my imagination. Through reading angling articles, the internet and watching fishing programmes I identified three or four angling challenges I would like to pursue. I’ve just been lucky enough to fulfil one of those by travelling to