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FISHRITE FR57 Carp Holdall (12ft)

The recent sponsorship/advertising of Fishrite on Anglers' Net took me to their new webpage and reminded me of one of their products I possess. I bought a Fishrite rod holdall about four years ago when I was fishing short carp sessions before work, arriving at the water at about 6am and packing up by 8.30am.

Carp Fools!

I was once a sane angler who enjoyed fishing for any species that came along. Then one day after amassing a huge bag of rudd and roach in only a few hours pole angling I decided enough was enough and I set off down the road to becoming a carp fool!I had proved to myself

The Power Of Prebaiting

Prebaiting a water undoubtedly helps you to put more fish on the bank. Like most people, my time on the bank is severely restricted by work and other hobbies. I’ve found that by prebaiting a swim and then maximizing my time by fishing early morning or late evening I can boost my catch rate considerably.

Fifty Years A Fisherman

Fifty Years A Fisherman The Autobiography of John Wilson With Christmas on its way this is more of a short reminder than a review. If wives and girlfriends are intelligent and devious enough (devious enough I’m sure) they will visit the review pages of Anglers’ Net to get ideas for our Christmas presents. (Sorry for

I Went To The Tackle Shop Today!

I went to the tackle shop today. It was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I go quite often. The story is quite simple but I realized something that has been staring me in the face for years and it probably happens to you all as well. My shopping list consisted of one item,