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John Roberts Clip On Rod Bands

More and more anglers now keep their rods made-up so that they’re ready for use in a jiffy. The conventional way to do so is to use Velcro rod bands, but they always seem to get lost and you also have to keep them clean or they lose their "stickiness". Fed-up with these problems the

Hunting Summer Perch

Let me start by saying that summer is not the best time to catch perch in numbers - at least not in my waters. This is because perch are scattered about at this time of year rather than shoaled up as in the colder months. However, this does mean that we can usefully employ roving

Fishing Fallacies

Angling literature is full of old wives' tales that have been repeated so many times that they're now accepted as "fact". In this piece, I intend highlighting some of these fishing fallacies. No doubt some of these statements will be considered controversial, and I'm sure the Editor will love you to write in and say

Big Perch from Commercial Carp Fisheries

Perch fishing surprises

5lb Roach or Deadbait Surprises

For a number of years now I've used whitebait extensively and the list of species I've caught on it is: barbel, carp, chub, eel, perch, pike, tench and both brown and rainbow trout. Having said that, like others, I don't find sea deadbaits any good for perch - for some reason perch don't seem to