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Always endeavour to use smaller shot instead of the recommended shotting. 3BB stick float = 12 No8. This way you can easily change the shotting pattern to help your hookbait's passage through the swim to appear more natural. Steve Randles

Mark It!

When you have found the depth for your float, mark it on your rod using tippex. Then, if you change hooks or shallow up, you can always return to the original depth later. Steve Randles

Bread Flake

When using this, it should be hooked so lightly that when you retrieve your tackle, it has gone. Don't worry, your bait WILL stay on the hook!! Steve Randles  

Out From the Frame – Using Photoshop CS2

Photography Guide

Common Fishing Knots

Knots are an integral part of any angles armory, knowing of different knots, how to tie them and when to use, is just as important as choosing the right bait. When tying a knot, ensure all is correct before tightening, then do so slowly. Lubricate all knots in water (or in your mouth) Always check