Mussel Boilies + DIY Hair Rig Kit For 10 Rigs

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One offer that has been doing well on Ebay recently is this "Mussel Boilie + DIY Hair Rig" package. Other flavours are also available, but it's the green mussel that everyone seems to want. Alternative boilie flavours are Strawberry, Honey, Fish, Scopex, Vanilla and Crab.

The contents of these packs is listed below – please note that if you buy one of these packs directly from the Anglers' Net store, you get a free pack of 100 bait stops thrown in!

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Mussel Boilies + DIY Hair Rig Kit For 10 RigsThe hair rig is just about the easiest way of attaching the hook known to anglers. If you've never tied your own, just click here for our photo guide. Once you've done one, you'll be tying them like a pro in no time.

This day session pack contains enough kit to tie 10 the bait to go out there and catch carp on them. Just add a rod, reel and your chosen weight and get catching!

Here's what you get:

Day Session Pack Of 16mm Boilies - Mussel
Approximately 50 x 16mm boilies. Containing all the attractants that drive carp wild, these shelf life boilies can be kept in their resealable bag and used as and when you need them. No need to freeze them, or even throw them all in the lake when you pack up!

5 Metres 25lb Rig Braid
Taken from a bulk spool and loose-packed in a bag to save you money (those little spools you buy in the shop often cost more than the braid on them!), this dark-green braid won't let you down.

10 Size 8 Barbless Carp Hooks
A popular size for carp and with many fisheries now enforcing barbless only rules, these hooks won't get you in trouble with the bailiff! Again, by loose packing them, you save money. Flashy packing means that hooks in shops are usually anywhere between £3-£4 a pack!

10 Size 8 Swivels
The most popular size for carp rigs, these swivels are small, yet deceptively strong. Just what you need!

100 x Hair Stops (not included if you buy from Ebay)
These should keep you going for a while! A perfectly good, clear bait stop to finish off your presentation.

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