Shimano Forcemaster Feeder Rods

Shimano don't just make great fishing reels....they make some great carp rods, too!

The Shimano Forcemaster Feeder Rods are a complete range of feeder rods, ranging from a fantastically responsive 10' Mini Feeder rod, right up to a beefy 12' distance feeder rod.

As with all Shimano products, they're well made using quality components.

Shimano Forcemaster AX Specimen Carp RodHere's what it says about the Shimano Forcemaster Feeder Rods on the Fishtec website:

The popularity of Commercial fisheries continues and Shimano are right on the money when it comes to developing high quality, well priced rods to deal with the techniques required to catch consistently on these challenging waters.

  • Supplied with rod sleeves and bands
  • Slim diameter handles
  • Progressive action
  • Balance weights – allows faster strikes and better line pick up
  • 2 piece – easy to transport

Accurate casts can mean everything when building a swim and the 10’ mini feeder makes it easier to hit the same spot time after time, even in the most awkward areas. Combine this with the 10 foot’s playing action and you will hook and land more fish.

The extra foot gives that extra distance needed on larger commercial pools where mid range casts are needed.

When a long chuck is needed, this rod comes into play. The blank still has the anti-locking action that is featured across the range but the 12' distance feeder has been developed for longer range casting.

At the time of writing, Fishtec had their  Shimano Forcemaster Feeder Rods priced very competitively from just £49.99 a piece. Click here to check out the latest deals.