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Catch report from Solar Tackle

Targeting a pre-baited plateau for a day-only trip, Solar Tackle team member Thomas Mascha has landed this 40lb 10oz mirror. Having baited a clear, gravel plateau, which is 2m deep on top, at 120m from the bank with a mixture of particles and Candy Floss boilies soaked in Candy Floss Mega Big Shot Liquid, Thomas

Making your own boilies is easier than you think

Have you ever wanted to make your own boilies but been unsure where to begin?  There are lots of specialist bait making ingredients out there from several different companies and yes, you can make a bait that is healthier for the fish, lets the fish digest the goodies easier, makes the fish want to eat


Nash Tackle's Mick Henderson looks forward to a productive carp fishing season

First Time For Everything

Carp Fishing In France

Carp Fishing in France Webcast – February 2012

Latest French carp fishing news from Angling Lines