Fish 'n' Tips Launches

Fish 'n' Tips is the new monthly fishing magazine that has got the best bankside banter, tackle tips and bivvy babes.  It’s for fishermen who enjoy sitting on a bank or a boat, who want to learn to be better without getting boring about it, and to have something amusing to read when the fish aren’t biting.

We’ve got a magic blend of features that cross disciplines, so no matter what your poison is - coarse, sea or flinging a fly – we’ve something for you.  There’s all the expert knowledge and tips you’d expect from top UK names including, Mark Barrett, Ian Welch and Mick Brown, but there’s also some interesting new characters:

  • Bin Fishin is the new big name in the fishing world - he’s the Fish 'n' Tips' Stig.  Each month he has a good ol’ rant and he also mysteriously turns up in city locations in our ‘Urban Angler’ feature.
  • Our resident agony aunt, Tackle Tart, answers fishing queries in an informative, amusing and sometimes downright insulting way.
  • For those readers who want to get their advice a bit more up-front, Miss Crackoff, our beautiful school fishing mistress, helps out in her ‘Angling Academy’.

Fish 'n' Tips fishing MagazineIt’s a magazine with a cracking sense of camaraderie and entertaining features.  Our ‘All the Gear, But not Idea’ strips well-known fishermen of their rods and reels and replaces them with a £30 set from Argos; to see if they can still work their magic.  Our ‘Star with a Reasonably Priced Rod’ leader board kicks off in the launch issue and already has a line up of great anglers gagging to take part.

And what’s not to like about our beautiful  Fish 'n' Tips Bivvy Babes? Each month we’ll be featuring a Belle of the Bivvy.

The launch issue is available on March 17th at WHSmiths, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and all good newsagents. Or subscribe today at