iTackle is a fishing magazine like no other!

Completely interactive, this brand new online publication from the makers of Angling Times showcases the latest tackle to hit the market, taking an in-depth look far removed from the normal magazine-style review while keeping the user 100% engaged with dozens of additional features to explore.

The pilot issue features Shimano’s £600 Aero Technium MgS reel, reckoned to be the best carp reel on the world market as well as Middy’s new 14.5m MTDI Shock Core Fusion XP45 pole, designed to deal with the rigours of the modern day commercial fishery. For bargain hunters, check out the Stillwater reel range from Chapman’s Angling or the carp rods and reels from WSB Tackle while if you’re in the market for a new seat box, Nordik Tackle’s Octbox Mk2 demands a closer look!

iTackle also met up on the bank with former World Champion Tommy Pickering to get the full low down on Preston Innovations Mini F1 rod range, launched at the start of this year and already a huge seller for tackling small carp on commercial snake-type lakes.

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