Fox Stratos FS10000

The first reel designed specifically for carp anglers! With the Fox pedigree, you just know that this will be good. Here's what our friends at Hooked Tackle and Bait have to say: "The Stratos is the culmination of an intensive three year R & D project with substantial investment. Fox believes the Stratos is the

Cheap Rapala Lures

Lure fishermen really should have an advantage over other fishermen.....they never need to buy bait and can, therefore, fish at a moment's notice. Well, the last bit of that is true but, as any lure fishing enthusiast will tell you, the 'buying' bit is a myth. In fact, buying and collecting lures is all part

Orvis Polarized Magnifying Sunglasses

Over the past few weeks, a lot has been written on Anglers' Net about the use of polarising sunglasses for fishing. In fact, there's a whole article about them by Julian Grattidge here. The sun always reminds us of their importance, but they really are an essential bit of kit all year round for many

Orvis 150th Anniversary Zero G 905-4

Not every product in our affiliate offers section is here because it is amazingly cheap. No, we intend to feature some products here for the wealthier angler from time to time. Those items that look set to appreciate in value over time. Such is the Orvis 150th Anniversary Zero G 905-4. This 9-foot, 2-piece, Mid-Flex

500 Yards Of Braided Dacron For Just £14.95

If you’re looking for a cheap dacron braid, then your search ends here! This Climax Soft & Strong is an extremely supple sinking braid that was designed for a foreign market, with trolling in mind. However, the fact that it’s so pliable, is a fantastic colour and is just so cheap means that many people