Vintage Fishing Tackle

LTSA Badge

This one was sent in by Leon Roskilly:"I dug this old badge up in my allotment, in Gillingham, Kent, around 15 years ago. I wonder if anyone has any idea how old it is? Or can say anything more about it? The allotment was in recently turned ground near to where an air-raid shelter had

Intrepid Supreme

This was the flagship of the early Intrepids. A picture of the box would be appreciated.     22/10/02 - The following picture was kindly supplied by Ian Gourlay: If you are able to supply any images and information regarding vintage tackle that you own, or shed any light on items that we have already

Columbiam Fishing Reel

Do you know the maker or age of this reel marked "Columbiam NO 62" If you know anything about it, please contact us.     We received the following from Jarck Van Vuuren:"Concerning that reel, I think it was made during the 60`s. I cant be sure, but I know one thing - the bail

Korka Fishing Reel

Submitted by Dave aka chesters1. He knows the name of the reel (obviously!), but do you know the manufacturer? If you know anything about it, please contact us.   16/01/03Dave, Hi.Not one I've seen before but suggest it was made by T.J.Harrington and Sons of Walton-on-Thames in the 50's.They mass produced a whole range of

Eggington Fishing Rod

From Duncan Fairley:"The maker is E. Eggington, of Merton, SW London. This is engraved on the tapered aluminium fitting, next to the black rubber button.  It's three piece. Two main sections of four foot, with a shortish handle of  eighteen inches. I would say it's from the fifties, but may be earlier. Whipped in Burgundy,