Submitted by Andy Macfarlane:

"The reel is a "Spinet" by A. Allan Ltd. Glasgow. The patent number is 262706. It was given to me by an Uncle who had no use for it and I’m the only fisherman  he knows. I still use the reel from time to time and it has caught me some cracking Brownies over the years. I don’t think the reel has any particular value, except sentimental."

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The Spinet was patented by Arthur Allen in 1926 and was sold in 3 sizes No’s 1 to 3 .
No’s 1 and 2 were interchangeable for left or right had use while the number 3 had to be ordered as left or right hand.
On later models the gear housing was enclosed.
In good condition the reel should fetch upto £60.00

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