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2nd Feb 2013: Cold feet!

Posted by AddictedToScopex , 03 February 2013 · 400 views

This saturday saw me eager to get out and and give the old quiver tip a go. Having been prevented from getting out for a little while due to the weather i was hopeful for a good session and had opted to go to a local still water. The night before however it turned bitterly cold and there was a hard frost on the car. I had a feeling this would have a detrimental effect on the fishing and boy was I right.
I packed the gear up, headed down and got set up and tried to remain hopeful. It was that cold that I half expected there to be ice on the water.
I set up on a maggot feeder and cast in. Opened the flask and sipped a coffee and waited. And waited. Re cast. Waited. Cast again......you can see where I am going with this one. I sat for 3 hours without a single tap, twitch or pull. I was expecting at least a few small roach at the very least but nothing happened. I tried going lighter, changing baits and a few other things but nothing could tempt a bite. It isnt an over stocked commercial so of course fish are not guarenteed but I was pretty shocked to get nothing. The weather does seem to have a huge effect on this place and it certainly had done this time.
On the plus side it was a nice day to be out and I did see some gulls take a couple of small fish from around the far bank trees.
I recently injured my back in the gym and in the end it was this that ended my day. Couple a lot of lower back pain with ice cold feet and no fish for 3 hours and I think most would give up the ghost. I packed up and jumped in the warm car. It was a pleasant feeling. It was nice to get out again but I think next time it will be a more mobile approach on either the river or canal. I will leave the still waters until they warm up a bit again. Here are two pics I took while there.
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