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28 October

Posted by Chris Plumb , 28 October 2013 · 556 views

Flowing Canal (Kennet & Avon) Nr Thatcham
1500 - 1715
Bright, VERY breezy, with a very heavy shower to finish - temps cooler than of late at 10ºC
3 Perch; 4lb 5oz (!!!)  New PB :yahoo:, 3lb 8oz and a smallun of around 12oz. 1 Chub 3lb 6oz.
Blimey! Autumn perching campaign gets off the mark at last in spectacular fashion. Unexpectedly had the afternoon off so with the St Jude's storm easing away it was off to do some more prospecting on the canal. And yet another swim I've never fished before - though this time I think I'll be back before too long!!!!
The wind was a bit of a mare especially as it was downstream - but thankfully with a bit of flow here  presentation was still manageable. The small perch was pretty much first cast - a hopeful start followed by the 3lber some ¾hr later. The chub soon followed - though hooked much further downstream than where I'd taken the 2 perch.
Then the heavens opened and I put my brolley up and just plonked the float rig in the margins by my feet - with the lob no doubt fluttering  gently in the current - not really fishing just waiting for the shower to pass. The rain was in full lash when the float just shot off. My first thought was that it was a jack - as the fight was a series of long 'pike like' runs. However it soon showed its true colours and I was out of cover getting drenched in a flash when I saw the size of it - and that it was only just hooked!
Gingerly guided to the net with no further alarms - my second 4lber! Hooray! (I wonder what it will weigh in March ? :o ) So, a helluva fluke - but who cares, I've walked a lot of miles this autumn sussing out potential new swims - I'll take that bit of luck thank you!
Still had time to hook and lose a pike before it was too dark to see my float.
Pics unfortunately aren't brill - camera was getting very wet very quickly which didn't help but meant it was all a bit hurried
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The Flying Tench
Oct 28 2013 09:55 PM
Congratulations, Chris. An amazing catch despite the weather!
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Well done on two counts Chris, one for braving the weather and sticking it out! And two for the cracking perch, you must be chuffed!
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Two cracking fish Chris!

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Just fantastic Chris, very well done.  With a start like that what's the target now for the winter/early spring when they're going to be at their biggest?

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Chris Plumb
Oct 31 2013 09:40 PM
Cheers guys - pics are a bit of a disappointment, didn't have Paul or Rusty on hand to act as official photographer! Both fish were very fat to the point of being bloated - dining out on crayfish no doubt - so were quite big for their length - the 3 was 18inches from nose to fork of tail the 4 an inch longer. How much spawn would they carry in the spring - 6-8oz????
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I'd have thought 6-8oz was towards the top end of a good estimation though obviously it will differ fish to fish.  

Has the Kennet or K&A ever done a 5 do you know?  

I think I might have to start my campaign a bit earlier that planned...

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Chris Plumb
Nov 01 2013 09:37 PM

Never heard of a 5 coming out - big 4s (4-13) but not a 5. Though given how much they are packing on weight its surely just a matter of time!

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