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21/22 June

Posted by Chris Plumb , 22 June 2019 · 0 views

Willows Lake - Thatcham
1500 - 0500
Cool clear night - down to 7ºC by dawn.
3 Carp; 12lb 11oz, 7lb 9oz, 4lb 6oz. 2 Perch.
I last took my brother, Colin, fishing on 26/1/91 - when he caught a brace of 13lb pike from the Kennet at Padworth - so was somewhat surprised to be asked at a family gathering last Christmas to come fishing with me again - ' I'll take you carp fishing'  I says - expecting to hear no more about it! But he was serious so I plan was hatched to get him a carp on the bank! A plan that very nearly back-fired as an hour or so into darkness the carp started spawning scuppering my claims that we'd do really well after the light went! We had a few liners during the night and apart from a 6lber for Col that was the only fish caught in darkness- we packed up as soon as it got light to leave the fish in peace and slept for an hour or so in our cars before it was a respectable time to arrive home! Thankfully my bruv had preceded his night time fish with a very muscular common caught on one of my light float rods which gave him a merry run around and took an age to get in - and at 7lb 14oz was just 2 oz shy of the stamp of fish I'd promised we'd get so he went home more than happy!
All my fish cam to float fished maggot in the hours before dusk (twas secretly trying for one of the lakes elusive crucians).

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