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VAC Match 15 - Lakeside Farm - Feb 10th 2013



So it was time for the last match of the Verulam Angling Club championship season.


Going into this match I was in second place in the league. There are 15 matches in the season and your best 10 results count. The leader of the league (AllanB) had 840 points and I was on 795, my lowest counting score was 45 so I knew that if I could win or come second I would go into 1st place as long as Allan did not improve his lowest score of 65, which equates to 8th place.


There were just 14 on this match so it was unlikely to pan out for me but you never know!


It was a miserable day weather-wise, raining all day and getting colder and breezier as the day went on.


When I got to my swim, I was pleased to see that I had a cast to the end part of the island although I would be sharing a fairly small target with my neighbour for the day which was Alan G (winner of the previous match) whom I was pegged next to last match also.


On these club matches at this time of the year we draw at around 8.30 and fish 9.30-14.30 so only an hour to get your gear to the peg and set up.

I was late starting AGAIN!


I fed the 12m line with a few micro pellets, at about 9.50 I cast my small method feeder to the island and started feeding at 5m with caster. After a short while Alan picked his rod up to wind in and something was on the end, he had not seen the tip move at all so we presume the 8lb carp he landed had picked up the bait just as Alan picked up his rod!


Not long after Alan's first carp my rod tip lurched round and a carp of around 4lb came to the net which was a huge relief as it was likely to be a fairly low scoring match judging by the lack of action around us.


Occasional bites over the next couple of hours brought the score to 4 carp for me and 2 carp plus a bream for Alan, apart from my first carp they were all around 7 or 8 pounds. The weather was getting worse so I stayed on the method feeder. I did not get another bite after 13.00 and nor did Alan but I had done enough to win, 4 bites for 4 carp weighing in 26lb 12oz. Alan had 16lb 12oz for second.


I could see AllanB across the lake from me and it seemed like he had had a tough match but I would just have to wait and see, he weighed in 4lb 3oz which was more than the anglers either side of him, this turned out to put him in joint 8th place on the day which means I am now Club Champion. :victory:






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