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Got to start somewhere



well; here goes nothing....

ive been fishing for a few years now after a restart...

I used to fish a lot as a youngster with my dad and brother and then just sort of gave up over time.

Then various things came about and dragged me back to the bankside!


im a simple fisherman; I don't use fancy kit or rigs, I don't enjoy a lot of the newer techniques....id much rather just have a waggler and keep things as simple as possible.


my local area has decent lakes for carp,bream,tench and roach etc

the local river has a good stock of dace and roach and trout.

Im known to have a youtube channel showing off products I test...and that's about it really!


as for whats next...

well this weekend (Saturday) should hopefully see the first major trip of the year to the local lakes at Reepham!

ill post my next entry with what happens there!



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Welcome to blogland Kirisute, if it can be done simply then there's no need to make it more complicated, I look forward to reading about your exploits. You're already a journo so you'll know that the trick is to still write something even if you've just had the most boring fishless session ever.

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Welcome aboard mate. It's certainly addictive. I quite look forward to getting home from a session and compiling a little spiel on it.

I look forward to your first success story.

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