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VAC Champion of Champions Match - How End-26th May 2013




This match was scheduled to take place at the club's Bellows Mill lake but due to it being very clear and weedy the match was switched to How End Fishery.


We were to be on Yasi's Lake which I have fished once before in March last year.

I started by feeding chop worm and caster at the bottom of the far shelf which was around 11m and the same at the bottom of the near shelf at around 4m. First go with a bait I shipped tight over to the far bank to see if there was any quick carp to be had, no action there so concentrated on the 11m line for a while.


I tried caster, worm head and double or single red maggot hookbaits and found double maggot seemed to produce best today, I caught some nice Ide and a few small barbel before it slowed right down. At this point I fed again at 11m and had a look on the 4m line, not much action here so tried the edge rig to my right where I had been feeding some casters fairly regularly. I caught a few small barbel down the edge before it slowed down then went back to the 11m line, I continued to try all four areas picking up a few fish here and there except for tight across to the far bank which produced nothing for me.


In the last hour I had a good run of barbel down the edge, mostly on single caster.

I weighed in 34lb 2oz which was just enough to win the match.


Allan produced a good write up of the match which can be viewed by clicking HERE



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