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19 June part 2

Chris Plumb


River Kennet, Padworth


1530 - 2230


Hot, overcast and sultry - still 21ºC when we packed up.


4 brownies - a couple circa 1¼lb (possibly the same one!)


Reports from the river suggested barbel fishing would be a bit of a struggle - so the trotting rod was added to the quiver in the hope of a few dace - but yet again one of my favoured trotting swims here was occupied with troot and not a lot else!


As expected the barbelling was hard going - not helped by tonnes of pussy willow fluff coming downstream which slowly built up on the line - and was a complete bugger to get off. I did hook a barbel on the float - had it on for an absolute age but just couldn't shift it upstream - felt enormous - but eventually all was revealed when I eventually got it to the surface - I'd fouled hooked a 4-5lb fish in the dorsal - no wonder I couldn't bring it up against the current - I was trying when eventually the hook pinged back at my face!


Paul joined me for the last 3 or so hours and fared a little better - losing a fish (which too felt like it hade been foul hooked) and landing a barbel of 5¼lb.

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