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Trout on the Kennet





I decided the rain we had yesterday should have put a bit of flow and colour into the river (very little as it happened) so I set off for a few hours on the Kennet.

Using typical gear for trout catching on the Kennet (quivertip, pellet hookbait and a small pva of small pellet) it wasn't long until the first showed up at around 1.5lb, it did a very good job of behaving like a barbel hugging the bottom for a few seconds then became airborne and started the acrobatics, a second was unfortunately lost at the net of around the same weight.


Despite sitting it out until it got dark no more showed up, neither did those pesky barbel :cry:


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I've caught countless trout on that section with hair rigged pellets and boilies while fishing for barbel, (that's my 4th this season from there!)all are lip hooked and pretty much hang themselves

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