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19/20 June

Chris Plumb


Marsh Farm. Nr Godalming


1530 - 1100


1530 - 0500 - Harris

0530 - 1100 - Johnsons


Warm and sunny - pleasant enough night until dawn when it got misty coating EVERYTHING in a very heavy dew.


22 Tench; Only 2 under 3lb with 10 over 4. Best 3 - 5lb 11oz, 5lb 7oz, 5lb 4oz. 2 Crucians; 2lb 13oz & 1lb 10oz. 4 perch, 3 rudd and 3 roach.


A re-run of the opening day session (though we fished different pegs on Harris and Johnsons)and this time the fish had read the script! Action pretty continuous from around 8 o'clock on Harris lake and 20 of the tench and the smaller crucian was from here. Nearly all my fish on chopped prawn. First light saw us move to Johnsons in search primarily of bigger crucians - something we both managed - Paul getting a 2lb 14oz fish while I weighed in with one an ounce lighter. My biggest tinca was also from here - as was Paul's who also managed a 5lb fish.


Picture Gallery

Paul gets all arty...


Misty Morn


A big 2 each.



A trio of 5lbers...




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