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30 December

Chris Plumb


[font='trebuchet ms'][b]River Frome - Wool[/b]

0830 - 1600

Cold, and very bright with everything white in a very heavy hoar frost - very picturesque. -3ºC -> +3ºC - though in negative territory for most of the day (certainly all morning) by the way the line was freezing in the ferrules. River looked in good nick - down a few inches on our last trip in Nov (85cm by the East Stoke gauge)

11 grayling: 4 over 1lb - 2lb 0oz, 1lb 13oz, 1lb 10oz, 1lb 3oz.

Bit of a grueller of a session. Bites at a real premium - especially in the morning - though I did get my 2 early doors. 7 fish in the last hour and a half resulted in a slightly more respectable final total. Paid to rest swims and revisit - which resulted in a LOT of walking - good a way as any to stay warm - though in the sun we were really quite toasty for most of the day. We did blame the bright conditions for the lack of action - but then learnt it had been heavily fished the day before - so we're blaming that!Paul struggled too and I think ended up with half a dozen - with nothing over 1¼lb gracing his net.

Frosty Frome.
Hoar Frost
2lb lady![/font]


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