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2 January 2015

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Newbury


0800 - 1115


3 Chub; 4lb 2oz, 3lb 7oz, 2lb 12oz. 1 Perch 2lb 9oz. 1 Bream 2lb 6oz. A doz+ Dace, 5 Gudgeon, 4 Roach, 1 Grayling and 3 Trout parr.


River Kennet - Thatcham


1145 - 1315


1 Brownie - 1½lb (caught twice within 10 minutes!)


1345 - 1600


1 Grayling 1lb 10oz.


Bright and cool - with a breeze picking up in the afternoon. WT 48ºC. River in perfect winter nick - good flow (but wadable ;) )and just a hint of colour.


First trip of 2015 and the plan was to start at a trusty old favourite, have lunch on a nice eddy and finish on last winter's 'hot spot'. With chub a target from all 3 swims. The morning got off to a flyer and took me back a decade when sessions like this were almost the norm on this part of the river. 8 species (9 counting the 2 minnows I had) and my biggest perch from here since 2010 (see blog of 02/10/10 - http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/blog/82/entry-576-2-october/ ) really turned the clock back.

I only had enough bait for the morning so had to shift off to Tone's for replenishment of gentles and then luncheon by my 2nd swim of the day. I nice eddy which has produced chub on my last 2 visits here - alas the trout - or rather A trout - didn't let them get a look in. I landed it twice - and had it on a third time. The result one totally trashed swim.

And so off to my 3rd swim of the day - one I wanted to fish as the light faded as it produced some good perch (as well as chub ) last winter - and I had a 3lb 10oz stripey from it back in November. Again, though, neither species was in residence - I didn't blank though - my only bite - within the first 10 minutes. producing a surprise grayling of 1lb 10oz - I think it's my biggest ever grayling caught on the Kennet 'below Newbury' (I've had a few 2's from the middle river in the past).

First fish of 2015 - a 4lb chub!


Bonus Perch


Surprise Grayling



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Congrats on a great start to 2015 Chris. Strike a light, you certainly go for it! Most people would have retreated from the cold long before - though I suppose the 48degC whirlpool warmed you up a bit!

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