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How Does This Work Then..?



Right, let’s have a go at one of these Blog things then, eh?


I suppose I’d better kick off with a bit about myself for those that don’t know me. I’m in my early thirties and live in Leek (Staffordshire) with my wife Lisa; we’re busy renovating an old Town House at the moment and have a young’un due next March.


My main work is with Elton, running http://www.anglersnet.co.uk along with many of his other ventures! In addition I run my own website for carp angling in the North-West of England: http://www.northern-monkeys.com and run a few other carp related websites for friends, clubs and businesses. I’ve also just started my own carp bait business this year http://www.bigkipper.com which is coming along slowly but surly.


Fishing wise I’m a carp angler at heart and spend most of my available time on the Capesthorne Estate in Cheshire and a few other waters I’m involved with here and there. My other passion is writing (hence the rambling posts) and over the years I’ve had fishing and motorsport articles published on the web and a few magazines, etc. Currently working on a carp beginners series for Anglers Net and I’m also in the throws of writing a carp fishing novel, which is proving a real challenge!


Other interests include motorsport & rallying. I’m mad on Subaru’s and have a new shape WRX Impreza that I love to fettle with, and between a group of us we rally Subaru’s, Escorts and alike, more on the team here: http://www.team-autotec.co.uk


I’m also well into my music. I used to be a club DJ and Promoter in a past life and ran a DJ/Promotions agency for a few years, so if you ever visited the likes of; Golden, Ministry of Sound, Miss Moneypenny’s Cream, Hacienda, Back to Basics, Shelly’s and such like, we may well have rubbed shoulders in the past.


Well, that’s about it for the moment, no doubt I’ll be back rambling about all things fishy very soon…



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