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First time livebaiting



River Thames, Saturday 4th July 2015


This a was an experimental day, another trip to the ‘Drive In’ fishery to try out Kappa’s CD rig or at least my interpretation of it given what I had to hand (see here http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7445162-perch-livebaiting-rig/).


The paternoster link to the weight sets the presentation depth so I though two feet off bottom in ten feet of water would be a good starting point, no real logic to this just a gut feeling that the numerous boats might push fish down a bit. I might adapt the rig to make it easier to change the depth, a drop shotting approach with knots to move the lead up or down the link might be more versatile and provide a weak link at the same time. Anyway, a few trial casts proved that it didn’t tangle so the blank saving livebaits (see what I did there?) were duly caught and out went the primed rig. I did use an alarm with a very light bobbin and some of the more enthusiastic baits gave false bites, one taking the bobbin all the way up to the rod. At least I think it was a false bite, I’d caught small roach, bream & bleak and I guess it’s a case of learning what different livebaits can do and recognising a proper bite.


I didn’t catch any decent perch, only a tiddler on the float rod, and thankfully I didn’t catch any pike so I’m sort of happy with that. I’d fished at completely the wrong time of day and in bright sunshine so my results aren’t surprising, the purpose of the trip though was to try a new method so when I go for it in earnest I have some confidence in the end tackle. Thanks to Kappa and Anderoo for the recommendation.


Convenience fishing at its best….or worst depending on your point of view. It has a place in my book.




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